Chris Dodson Dinkins, a constitutional conservative republican, is a local native with deep roots in the district. Born and raised in Wayne County, Dinkins is the product of a working class family. Her father was an Army Veteran who worked at the ASARCO plant in Glover, MO for more than 20 years as a member of Steelworkers local #7450. Dinkins currently resides on her family farm in Iron County with her husband, Dave, where they raised their two boys. Together they own and operate a small business in Reynolds County.

Dinkins will fight to put American Jobs, American Workers, and American values first again! Dinkins believes that for too long career politicians and corrupt insiders have stolen the American Dream from Missouri’s working families. Decades of irresponsible career politicians, corrupt insiders, and corporate greed have lined the pockets of the wealthy while making it harder for our working families to earn a family-supporting wage. Dinkins believes in the American Dream because she has lived it. She believes in a Missouri that provides the same opportunities she had to her children and grandchildren.


More Jobs with Higher Wages

As a small business owner, Dinkins knows first hand what it means to create jobs in our region. Too many businesses have been put under by out of control regulations and slow and confusing licensing processes through government departments. She will fight to get government out of the way to allow our local economies to grow and create the jobs we need to provide employment to the region. Dinkins is going to fight to bring high-speed internet to our rural communities allowing small businesses to start and grow here in our local communities. She will work with local and state leaders to bring manufacturing jobs back to the leadbelt.

Quality Education

Chris Dinkins knows the value of a good education. A former award-winning educator with 17 years of experience in the classroom, Dinkins will fight to fully-fund our local schools and keep “one size fits none” programs like Common Core out of Missouri. She believes in providing practical, real-world training for our local students and will prioritize the funding of trade schools, vocational technology education, and our local community colleges so our students can earn a living wage without amassing enormous amounts of debt.

Safe Communities

Chris Dinkins believes that the recent riots in St. Louis have brought national embarrassment to our state. Dinkins will always support the “Thin Blue Line” that stands between crime and our communities and will ensure that Missouri’s first responders have the tools they need to keep our families and themselves safe. She believes those who commit crimes against our police deserve swift punishment to the fullest extent of the law.

Combating the Drug Epidemic

Dinkins believes there is a severe drug epidemic sweeping our local communities and our state. She will support efforts to combat the rise of heroin and meth while cracking down on those who provide drugs to our children. Dinkins will treat drug addiction like the public health issue it is and ensure resources are available to treat the addictions plaguing our region.

A Strong Advocate for our Values

Dinkins believes all life is precious—she is 100% Pro-Life and is the only candidate endorsed by Missouri Right to Life. She believes the elderly and disabled deserve a strong voice of representation in Jefferson City. An avid sportswoman and CCW permit holder, Dinkins will always support and defend the 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms.


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