About Chris Dinkins:
One of us, Working for us!


A proud native of Wayne County, Chris Dodson Dinkins was born and raised in a working-class family with strong, Christian conservative values. Chris lived in Iron County with her husband, Dave, where they raised their two sons on their family farm. They now live in Reynolds County where they run a small business.


Chris’s father and grandfather were both Army veterans who taught her the value of service and the dignity of hard work. As a result, Chris dedicated her life to helping others. As a local public school teacher, active member of her church and the community, and currently as a State Representative she has spent most of her life working in service to others.


As a small business owner, Chris knows how to balance a budget, meet payroll, and create jobs locally. She raised her boys on the family farm and saw first hand how burdensome regulations, high taxes, and unnecessary government red-tape can hinder the growth of Missouri’s businesses and families.

Chris’s Conservative Agenda:
When Chris is in Jefferson City, She is fighting for Southeast Missouri!


Chris has been previously endorsed by the National Rifle Association (NRA) and Missouri Right to Life in her previous elections. She was awarded a “Conservative Achievement” Award by the American Conservative Union (CPAC) for her dedication and strong record in support of our shared conservative values!


Jobs in southeast Missouri need room to grow, but too often they’re crushed by government red-tape and burdensome regulations. Chris has a strong record of fighting back against government overreach, giving freedom back to small businesses and making our communities a great place for new jobs and industries. She has been named a “Business Champion” by the Missouri Chamber of Commerce for her work to bring quality, family-supporting jobs back to southeast Missouri.


In the State House, Chris Dinkins has passed some of the largest tax cuts for Missouri families while opposing unnecessary tax increases like the recent gas tax hike. She supported the Second Amendment Preservation Act and the Missouri Stands for the Unborn Act making Missouri the strongest Pro-Life and Pro-Second Amendment state in the country. In the Senate, she will continue to fight back against CRT/DEI initiatives, protect our rights, and fight for lower taxes for all Missouri families.


Chris has passed numerous pieces of legislation to support our law enforcement officers. From supporting the Police Officers Bill of Rights, to tighter penalties on those who attack our first responders, Chris has always backed the blue. She recently helped pass a pay raise for state employed police officers to ensure they are appropriately compensated for their live-saving work. The proud product of an Army Veteran, Chris was awarded named the “Legislator of the Year” by the Veterans of Foreign Wars for her “Dedicated commitment to Excellence while serving our veterans” through her legislative efforts. Dinkins has supported and passed legislation to make Missouri a more veteran-friendly state for veterans and their families to live, work, and retire.


Dinkins will fight to put American Jobs, American Workers, and American values first again! Dinkins believes that for too long career politicians and corrupt insiders have stolen the American Dream from Missouri’s working families. Decades of irresponsible career politicians, corrupt insiders, and corporate greed have lined the pockets of the wealthy while making it harder for our working families to earn a family-supporting wage. Dinkins believes in the American Dream because she has lived it. She believes in a Missouri that provides the same opportunities she had to her children and grandchildren.


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